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This is the extended module prototype used by any other ViUR module prototype.

class core.prototypes.skelmodule.SkelModule(moduleName, modulePath, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: viur.core.Module

This is the extended module prototype used by any other ViUR module prototype. It a prototype which generally is bound to some database model abstracted by the ViUR skeleton system.

  • moduleName (str) –

  • modulePath (str) –

kindName: str

Name of the datastore kind that is handled by this module.

This information is used to bind a specific viur.core.skeleton.Skeleton-class to this prototype. By default, it is automatically determined from the module’s class name, so a module named Animal refers to a Skeleton named AnimalSkel and its kindName is animal.

For more information, refer to the function _resolveSkelCls().

_resolveSkelCls(*args, **kwargs)

Retrieve the generally associated viur.core.skeleton.Skeleton that is used by the application.

This is either be defined by the member variable kindName or by a Skeleton named like the application class in lower-case order.

If this behavior is not wanted, it can be definitely overridden by defining module-specific viewSkel(), addSkel(), or editSkel() functions, or by overriding this function in general.


Returns a Skeleton class that matches the application.

Return type:


baseSkel(*args, **kwargs)

Returns an instance of an unmodified base skeleton for this module.

This function should only be used in cases where a full, unmodified skeleton of the module is required, e.g. for administrative or maintenance purposes.

By default, baseSkel is used by viewSkel(), addSkel(), and editSkel().

Return type: