ViUR and the Google Cloud ConsoleΒΆ

At the time of writing every ViUR system is written on top of the Google App Engine. To be able to develop software with a ViUR system you need to follow some basic

steps in the Google Cloud Console.


Please be aware that the Google products can produce costs to your Google Billing Account. Even if the development of software on the Google Cloud Platform mostly stays within the free contingent,

you should get an overview of the Google Cloud Billing documentation.

Google Cloud Console configuration:

The following steps are to be performed on the Google Cloud Console

  1. Register on the Google Cloud Console

  2. Open the Google Cloud Console dashboard

  3. Create a new Google Cloud Project


Please be aware of juristical restrictions in your area, country and continent,

such as GDPR and configure your project accordingly.

  1. Your project creation will trigger a task from Google, so please be patient while the task runs. This may take a while, grab a coffee, tea or beer meanwhile.

  2. Visit your Organisation Policy and enable Service Account creation. (You can find more information about that topic here)

The next steps are to be performed, if you are working as a team on the ViUR project:

  1. Visit the IAM & Admin menu of your Google Cloud Console

  2. Add principals and roles to you project according to your project needs (You can find more information about this topic here)